A record? King gets 30 award nominations

Jill King with Connie Ferrier, Clinical Supervisor, and Laura Bourdon, CMA.

To be nominated for Associate of the Month is an honor.

To be nominated for Associate of the Month by 30 of your Beacon colleagues is AMAZING.

That’s how many nomination forms came into our BEAM inbox for Beacon Medical Group’s February Associate of the Month.

Associates couldn’t offer enough praise for Jill King, Clinical Supervisor, at Main Street Medical Group in Granger.

Congratulations, Jill, and all our February associate standouts.

We are proud to work with you!

Susan Smith
Memorial Hospital

“Susie displays all of the Beacon values. However, what comes to mind recently is her assistance in the IV medication bag shortage. She has assisted hospital-wide with education and keeping staff, including the pharmacy, updated on current conditions related to shortages. She has been providing weekly updates to all. This has been a big change to the organization and potential patient safety. She deserves recognition for taking it on and following through, never complaining or saying a negative thing. She just jumped in and took responsibility.” — Mary Thomas


Marvin Johnson
Elkhart General Hospital

“Marvin Johnson is a compassionate and respectable co-worker who is always more than willing to lend a hand to any employee, visitor or patient.” — Charles White



James Andert
Beacon Corporate

“James is a great guy to work with. He has been with the organization for 30+ plus years. He always has a smile on his face and a joke to tell. He is willing to step in and help even when he is busy with his own job responsibilities. Customers walk in the door and always go to James because he never turns them away with ‘that’s not mine.’ He keeps us laughing in our office daily.”



Cheryl Guidi
Beacon Health Ventures

“She always puts the patient at the center and goes above and beyond to assist them with their home health or HME needs. Cheryl also supports all Beacon associates to the best of her ability no matter if they are home care RNs or hospital floor RNs. She is so conscientious and truly goes the extra mile so that our patients have an exceptional experience no matter their needs. No need is too small and no need is favored over others.” — Suzanne Hemler


And in what The BEAM team thinks could be a new record for the number of nominations submitted, here is the BMG award.

Jill King
Beacon Medical Group

“Jill is an amazing coworker. She goes above and beyond for anyone. She is compassionate in what she does and always does everything with a smile. She makes sure to accommodate everyone’s needs, even if it means putting her needs aside. She is the true definition of what a manager should be.” — Brenda Bermudez

“Jill is overall an amazing person. She values the people that she works with. She tries her best to help everyone and make sure everyone is happy. She is very understanding to everyone. She realizes we are all humans and life happens sometimes.” — Tajaunna Pope

“Jill is very hard working and does an amazing job with all of her employees. She is flexible and is always willing to help in any circumstance. I really appreciate her for her hard work and dedication.” — Sabrina Lopez

“Jill works very hard to make sure all of her employees have what they need to do their jobs at Main Street. She is efficient and hard working. She is always upbeat, positive and helpful.” — Karen Henry

“Jill is the most compassionate, caring individual you would ever meet. She treats all of us with respect and does her best to meet your needs — and they’re always met! She is genuine. I would follow her anywhere.” — Patti DeMeyer

Jill King with Medical Receptionists Julie Walesiewicz and Nikki Mikel.

“She has never ever let us down in serving the staff and the patients as our manager. She always smiles and takes stress in stride.” — Chris Oleksak

“Jill is such a hard worker and puts her needs above others. She always has a smile on her face. She is a pleasure to work with and in my opinion, she is the Associate of the Month, every month.” — April Kitsos

“She always goes above and beyond her job description.” — Angela Taberski

“Jill is flexible and willing and ready to help whenever she can. If she does not know something, she will work hard to find the answer and assist in any way possible. Jill is funny and compassionate. She treats everyone with respect and is very honest. She goes above and beyond for everyone, especially patients.” — Layahnna Bond

“I feel Jill goes above and beyond her duties of her job and never shows anything but a happy and bright demeanor.” — Christine Norris

“Jill is selfless in her position and will do anything that is asked of her to make the work day flow nicely for everyone around her.” — Stephanie Campiti

“She is very concerned about the welfare of all employees. The door is always open for listening. She puts others first before herself.” — Lisa Alwine

“Jill is such a kind and empathetic person. She puts everyone before herself. She’s quick to jump in and help anyone who needs it — patients, coworkers, friends, strangers. Even though it’s not in her job description, Jill will fill in at the front desk if an employee is ill or needs time off. She’s amazing and really makes the office work.” — Lauren Thompson

Jill King with Site Biller Jen Ferrara.

“Jill is a hard worker and puts in a lot of time for everyone with a smile on her face.” — Jessica Christian

“As our clinical supervisor, Jill ensures that employees have what is required to do the job. She handles any and all issues whether it is with patients or internal, and fills in when need be at the front desk. She tries to keep everyone upbeat. Phenomenal!” — Sandra Jackson

“She is very caring and understanding and will help no matter what the problem is. And she will find a solution for you.” — Lawana Cole

“Jill is our office supervisor who goes above and beyond the expectations of a supervisor. She is on call 24/7 due to our 24/7 MedPoint clinic onsite and is always available when anyone on the 50+ staff members call on her. She sets a great example of leadership when she jumps in at the front desk when an associate is ill or running late, rather than leave the desk short-staffed. She is an incredible listener to everyone in the clinic and takes the time to talk things out with each of us before making any decisions. Jill makes her stressful job seem like a walk in the park and exemplifies the core values of a Beacon associate while doing it. Jill always goes out of her way to greet patients in the hallways or to direct patients to the right hallway. She comes to work every morning with a smile on her face and a joyfully contagious mood. Her job is not one many envy, but I am ecstatic she is willing to go above and beyond for our clinic because she makes our work environment a happier and better place. She truly is a pleasure to work with and makes coming in to work enjoyable.” — Jen Ferrara

“She is awesome, she does a great job, she is always there to help you, she cares, and she always listens.” — Sigrid Gibbons

“Jill goes above and beyond for her co-workers and patients on a daily basis. She is always concerned for others needs and strives to work together as a team to make things work. She is an excellent example of Beacon’s Pillars. She is awesome.” — Julie Walesiewicz

“She’s the best boss I’ve ever worked with and always gives 110 percent.” — Marissa Brassie

“Jill is a very cheerful, compassionate person and always available to her staff when we need something. She goes above and beyond as a supervisor.She makes our office a great place to work.” — Barb Verslype

“Jill is the person in our office that everyone relies on. She will drop what she is doing to help with whatever issue you have. She wants everyone to succeed and will do whatever she can to help make that happen. We all appreciate her.” — Darla Scott

Jill King with Nurse Chris Oleksak.

“She is constantly pitching in to help when we are short-staffed. She is a great listener and offers encouragement.” — Juli Havens

“She is hardworking and takes all staff and patients into consideration, covering in all areas and as a boss is approachable, caring and helpful. She is the best.” — Jennifer Taets

Veronica Dimian and Cynthia Pascual also nominated Jill, but their forms did not include comments.

“Jill constantly looks for ways to improve the morale and function of our clinic. It truly is a better place because of her efforts.” — Dr. Andrew McAfee

“She is always willing to help no matter what.” — Estie Manz

“Jill always puts herself last and bends over backwards to ensure everything is done and no one is overwhelmed. Her job has her doing a little bit of everything and more often than not she has to cover when other people are not here. She always tries to have a smile on her face. She is an awesome supervisor and we are lucky to have her as part of Beacon.” — Penny Anderson