All Aboard!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.36.26 PMBe a Beacon is an exciting, interactive and thought-provoking new learning experience specially designed for all associates at Beacon Health System.

All of us are called to make every experience with patients, guests and each other exceptional. It’s not necessarily about going above and beyond, it’s about anticipating and responding to the needs of others and making Beacon a welcoming place where patients and guests know and feel that we care about them. Every one of us has a part in this.

Log into NetLearning and look for the new courses in your To Do list. The courses are due at the end of July and are accessible from a PC or mobile device — anywhere, anytime. Go at your own pace, stopping and starting when it’s convenient.

Once you complete Be Present and Be Caring in July, you will be ready for the next courses in August: Be Healing, Be Purposeful and Be Exceptional.

Find the new courses in NetLearning in your To Do list. Access NetLearning through: