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Pilates for Better Sleep

Want to sleep better? Try Pilates.

The increased body awareness, focused breathing, and body-massaging moves found in Pilates can bring you a deeper, more satisfying sleep.
One good move to incorporate into your Pilates practice, as well as doing before bed, is called the “spine stretch.”

Spine Stretch

Start sitting with legs stretched out long, slightly more than hip width apart. Flex your feet and plant you heels into the floor. Make sure you are sitting in neutral spine with your head in line with your spine and your ribs over your hips.

  • Place your fingertips on the floor in front of you. Make sure your shoulders stay down.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose, expanding your rib cage gently.
  • Exhale all your air out through your mouth as your core gently tightens and while you glide your fingertips out straight along the floor between your feet. You don’t have to feel too much of a stretch in your hamstrings. The goal is to have a cleansing breath and to stretch your spine.
  • After your exhale is complete, inhale and start gliding fingers back. Engage your core and give a deep exhale to stack the spine and finish gliding fingers and everything back to the starting position.
  • Repeat 5 times.

If you need to have a slight bend in your knees to get to your starting position and have a neutral spine, that’s fine. You could also try sitting on the edge of a pillow to achieve the same thing.

There’s sure to be a Pilates class that’ll fit into your schedule so you can get continued benefits from it. After class, I encourage you to do a few moves that you learned that made you feel relaxed. Try them before bed and my hope for you is that they’ll help you have a wonderful night of rest.

About Brittany Fox

Pilates Trainer Brittany enjoy all things Pilates and being able to bring those health related benefits to the community. It’s great to introduce members to Pilates exercises and help them to feel empowered to take what they’ve learned to improve on their fitness goals.

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