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Boost the Good Vibes

COVID-19 mandated hibernation can reduce the good-feeling serotonin levels for a number of reasons. Here’s some ways to bring them back up:

  • You need some bright light in your life—not enough to get you sunburned or blinded, but a small regular amount to get you producing Vitamin D and the big S. (The light outside on a bright sunny day is about a hundred times more intense than the light in an office or home.) Even standing on the front step and looking at the sky can be helpful.
  • Regular massage has been shown to increase serotonin levels roughly 30 percent. The jury’s still out about whether that’s related to the massage itself or the benefits of touch, but the ultimate result is positive. Spouses can exchange these, or get the kids to pound gently on your back!
  • Looking at photos of a momentous day or talking to an old friend about good times gets the happy-brain activated. Looking at pictures with family members can bring out stories and let kids know more about family history
  • And aerobic exercise, as so many of us know, produces and releases more serotonin.
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