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Creating a Fresh Mindset

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, how do you go about it?

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Create a plan.
  3. Build accountability into your plan.
  4. Stay consistent.
  5. Finish as strong as you start.

Apply the same approach to your fitness goals. We sometimes tend to overthink the process and become overwhelmed with whatever life is throwing at us, but the same principles apply.

Set a goal this week–something manageable and achievable. For example, I’ll make exercise a priority 3-4 days this week. Or I’ll make sure to drink half my body weight in fluid ounces of water this week. Create your plan of how you are going to do it. Write it out, tape it to your mirror, put it in your desk, and share your plan with someone.

Look for that friend, coworker, or family member that can hold you accountable. Make it fun! Find those who support you and want to see you succeed.

Keep a positive mindset. Create positive and healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle will lead you to the goals you’ve set.

And finally, give yourself grace. Prepare yourself for the ups and downs of the journey. And when you’ve finished strong, celebrate that victory. Then place your plan on repeat!


Kristen Stooksbury

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