Adult High Performance Program

Beacon’s Sports Performance Center will get you fit for the game of life. If you have the drive and passion, we will help you gain the speed, agility and strength that will ultimately set you apart. Be prepared to shock yourself with your ability to improve your health, your vitality and your physique, allowing you to function at your highest level.





$99/month for 1 year


$149/month for 1 year

Non-Member Individual

$129/month for 1 year

Medical Oversight

Beacon Sports Performance Center programs are developed with the collaboration of Beacon Health & Fitness Medical Director Dr. Michael Messmer, Beacon Medical Advisory Board and Head Sports Performance Coach Kyle Schutts.

Kyle and his highly qualified coaches will lead you through a 60-minute, movement-based program geared toward preparing your body for peak competitive performance as well as injury prevention.

Beacon’s Sports Performance coaches begin each structured training session with a progression of dynamic warm-up exercises, followed by components of strength, power and endurance training.

Our scientifically based training programming will ensure results in a more active metabolism, which helps efficiently burn more calories and improve body composition.

Increase your lean muscle strength, impacting your ability to maintain an active, athletic lifestyle.

Increase your mobility and structural balance, guarding your body against injury and preparing your muscles for greater level of activity.

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