Beacon Sports Performance FAQ

How is Beacon Sports Performance different?

Beacon Sports Performance members receive a full muscular assessment that we use to create a custom training program.

Our strength and conditioning programs help you improve in all areas of fitness and/or sport. Every program includes strength, power, speed, endurance, flexibility, and stability training.

Your training session will be supervised with a guaranteed 10:1 athlete to coach ratio.

Our coaching staff will push you but more importantly will ensure you are performing the movement correctly with proper progressions.

How many sessions should I attend a week?

To receive the most benefits from the program we recommend attending 3-4 sessions a week.

We do provide sessions 5-6 days a week to accommodate school/life balance but we do stress the importance of appropriate recover time to increase athletic performance.

Do I have to play a sport or be an athlete?

No.  Training for a sport or for life, we will meet the demands of your fitness goals.

Are the training programs sport specific?

We focus on improving athletic development no matter the sport.  Every program will have components of strength, power, mobility, and endurance training.  The foundations of every athlete.



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