Indoor Triathlon 2019

On Sunday, March 24th, Beacon Health & Fitness is partnering with Spin Zone to host its first Indoor Triathlon, offering both Sprint ($50) and Olympic ($65) distances for participants. The race will be chip-timed, with awards for top male and top female in each distance. Triathletes can expect to complete the swim section in the lap pool, move across the hall to the cycling studio for the bike, cut across the fitness floor to the treadmills for their run, and then complete the final tenth of a mile on the track upstairs.

Specialized training courses are available and open to the public for new and seasoned triathletes beginning the week of Tuesday, February 5th in Pilates Reformer, Swimming, Biking, and Running. For dates and more information, follow the links below:

Pilates for Triathletes

This course is the perfect cross-training for those who are at any point in their triathlon training journey. The focus will be on fine-tuning hip, knee, and ankle alignment for running and enhancing shoulder mobility, stability, and balance for swimming and biking.

Register HERE for Pilates for Triathletes

Indoor Triathlon Swim Clinic

This course is geared towards triathletes that would like to improve their stroke, endurance and speed. Participants will be working on your freestyle technique with stroke work and drills.

Register HERE for Indoor Triathlon Swim Clinic

Cycling for Triathletes

This course is geared towards triathletes that would like to improve their anaerobic training to maximize fitness and increase recovery times through high intensity training.

Register HERE for Cycling for Triathletes

Indoor Triathlon Running Clinic

This clinic will be run orientated focusing on endurance and strength to finish the race strong. It will include running off the bike and proper running form.

Register HERE for Indoor Triathlon Running Clinic

This race is open to members and non-members- to sign up. For more information, email gro.metsyshtlaehnocaeb@smargorP

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