Metabolic Testing

Identify Your Unique Target Caloric Zones

You can find them everywhere … bookstores, infomercials and any women’s magazine at the grocery checkout. But with all the diet fads out there, over 90 percent of people who lose weight gain it all back.

The only way to know just what your body needs is through Metabolic Testing.

Metabolic Testing shows you exactly what is going on inside your body. You can finally unlock the mystery of your own metabolism.

Metabolic Testing identifies your unique target caloric zones so you can tip the scales to lose weight without depriving yourself.

Imagine the success you will have when dieting feels this good. Sign up for your Metabolic Test! Once your Metabolic Test is completed, the information will be used to calculate your Target Caloric Zones. With these zones, you can learn what it means to “eat to your metabolism.” You will be able to eat the maximum possible and still lose weight.

Your body will be healthy, happy and satisfied and the pounds will melt away! And keeping the weight off is no longer a struggle because this time you have listened to your body tell you what it needs to be healthy. Learning to eat to your metabolism will free you to leave conventional diets behind and move on to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Metabolic Testing