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Beacon Sports Performance

Beacon Sports Performance offers members quality coaching, diverse class offerings and an inclusive fitness community. Training programs range from high intensity group training to individualized strength and performance training.

FIT Program

Designed for adults who want to amplify their fitness training.

Student Athletes

Designed for students to increase their physical activity or improve their athletic abilities.


Designed to improve movement techniques and learn new skills.

MyZone Fitness Tracker

Beacon Sports Performance utilizes MyZone technology to help you reach your goals. Your heart rate & zone are displayed on the screen to see your performance in real time and saved to your phone so you can track your progress.


Kathleen Kavanagh Beacon Health & Fitness Fitness Manager Personal Trainer

Kathleen Kavanagh

Fitness Manager

Sarah Witmoyer

Fitness Specialist/
Sports Performance Coach

Jessica Workman Beacon Health & Fitness Granger Personal Trainer

Jessica Workman

Fitness Specialist/
Sports Performance Coach

Ryan Fish

Sports Performance Coordinator/Coach

nathan barna sports performance beacon health & fitness

Nathan Barna

Personal Trainer/
Sports Performance Coach

Tyler James

Personal Trainer/
Sports Performance Coach