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Beacon Sports Performance

A mix of strength and conditioning, competitive games and functional coaching leads you to be able to handle any challenges ahead. Contact Beacon Sports Performance.

Beacon Sports Performance offers members quality coaching, diverse class offerings and an inclusive fitness community. Training programs range from high intensity group training to individualized strength and performance training. Beacon Sports Performance classes include:

FIT Fundamentals

This class is a precursor to taking FIT Endurance and FIT Strength that covers the breakdown and coaching of all the movements we do in our classes. Our goal is to help you develop the correct form and technique to reduce the risk of injury and help you achieve the maximal results from our FIT classes!

FIT Endurance

Endurance junkies, this is for you! Workouts utilize training techniques practiced by athletes and US military. Expect indoor and outdoor workouts, functional strength training, group runs and partner drills uniquely arranged to amplify strength and stamina through progression and variety.

FIT Strength

A strength & conditioning program with a mix of aerobic exercises, gymnastics movements (body weight/calisthenics) & Olympic weightlifting. Workouts are customizable and comprised of constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.

Women & Weightlifting

This class is designed to improve overall fitness and strength, and also to provide education regarding weight training. The goal is to help each woman gain strength, lean out, and feel more confident. Highly customized just for you at your comfort level.

Barbell Power & Strength

Whether you are training for a strong man competition, enjoy power lifting, or want to learn the Olympic weight lifting movements we have the program for you. Our coaches will design a program specific to your needs so that you can reach your weight training goals!

Student Athletes

The student athlete performance program is designed to build on the coaching athletes receive at practice. We don’t focus on sport-specific skills — we focus on improving the overall athlete. Our highly qualified coaching team delivers a training regimen that enhances an athlete’s speed, power, agility, flexibility, coordination and balance.



Download and complete the Beacon Sports Performance Membership Application and Agreement. Then, contact us by phone or email to get started in your first class!


Kathleen Kavanagh Beacon Health & Fitness Fitness Manager Personal Trainer

Kathleen Kavanagh

Fitness Manager

Sarah Witmoyer

Fitness Specialist/
Sports Performance Coach

Jessica Workman Beacon Health & Fitness Granger Personal Trainer

Jessica Workman

Fitness Specialist/
Sports Performance Coach

Ryan Fish

Sports Performance Coordinator/Coach

nathan barna sports performance beacon health & fitness

Nathan Barna

Personal Trainer/
Sports Performance Coach

Tyler James

Personal Trainer/
Sports Performance Coach