Beacon leaders share plans for system alignment

The Beam caught up this week with those Beacon leaders who are taking on new system-wide responsibilities.

We asked each leader the same question:

“How will you approach your new system-wide assignment?”

Here are their responses.

Diana Custer, Vice President, Operations
Responsible for Outpatient Oncology, Radiology, Food & Nutrition, Volunteer Services, Health & Fitness

“This is an exciting time as we create synergies by aligning and collaborating across Beacon Health System. There are many amazing associates and services at both hospitals today and bringing both groups together will make for an exceptional team. Initially, I intend to build relationships, understand current workflows and review our processes. This collaboration is going to strengthen our ability to serve our communities and I’m thrilled to be a part of this work.”

Cindie McPhie, Vice President, Operations
Responsible for Pharmacy, Lab, Therapies and In-Patient Rehab, Sleep, Wound, Facilities, Environmental & Laundry

“The first step in this journey is to get to know, and build relationships with, those leaders, physicians and associates who are new to me in this system-wide assignment. Along with this, I will need to learn about each area, which I will do by being present, asking questions and listening more than talking. Then the fun really begins. We will further standardize, integrate and create synergy and energy throughout Beacon Health System. We’ve already got the catalyst to make this happen — all of our exceptional associates and physicians. We’ll proliferate existing best practices, blend others and innovate new ones to make Beacon unstoppable in the future. In concert with all of this, Diana Custer and I will be working closely together to make sure that all transitions happen smoothly. I think of it like we are on a tandem bike ride, headed to the same destination of systemness, at the same time and pace. I am very excited about my new role and can’t wait to dive into it.”

Shelby Morse, Director, Utilization and Case Management
Responsible for Case Management & Utilization Review

“My approach to any new leadership situation is to listen, learn, and take actions to demonstrate I’ll be their advocate. I want to hear history, current state, plans, aspirations goals and expectations. Often through these discussions, solutions to many issues become evident, and are often already under consideration. I will do whatever I can to assist associates to get their jobs done in the most efficient way possible and to get questions answered with facts and data. Smile often and be light hearted!”

Beverly Teegarden, Vice President, Nursing
Responsible for Behavioral Health and Women’s & Children’s Services

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Beacon Nursing leaders for the past few years. We have collaborated on numerous projects as well as some combined Shared Governance councils. I look forward to enhancing the relationships with leaders and staff.  I will be present by rounding to meet staff and answer questions. I will follow the Stephen Covey principle of “seek first to understand.” The matrix reporting structure is new to all of us and I am excited to continue to work closely with Karra Heggen and the wonderful nursing team at Elkhart.”

Debra Thompson, Executive Director, Trauma
Responsible for Trauma Services

“I am looking forward to working with the EGH team and Trauma Services. Over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to develop relationships with several members at Elkhart with team projects and I have truly enjoyed the camaraderie. Some examples include the COPD Mayo Collaborative and Surgical Services projects. Working with Elkhart General Hospital in becoming certified as a Level III Trauma Center will be exciting and very rewarding for me, my Director Dusten Roe, and Dr. Scott Thomas, Chief of Trauma Services.”

Cheryl Wibbens, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs
Responsible for Infection Prevention

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to develop Infection Prevention as a Beacon department and bring together everyone’s expertise across the system. I have a great group of associates in IP on both campuses who are very passionate about making sure our hospitals are safe and infection free. They work tirelessly to control infectious disease processes on a daily basis, educate all of us on risks, and track all of our reportable metrics. Please join me in wishing them a Happy Infection Prevention Week from October 15 to 21.”