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Breastfeeding Services

Breastfeeding Services

Breastfeeding is the most nutritious option for your baby, but it’s normal to need a little help learning this new skill. That’s why our Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) at Elkhart General and Memorial Hospital are here to help women navigate through the world of breastfeeding.

Lactation Consultants

Our lactation consultants and nursing staff offer education and support while teaching a variety of skills such as positioning and latching.

Once baby has arrived, your baby will be placed skin-to-skin on your chest immediately after delivery and will remain there until the first feeding is accomplished. During your stay, our lactation consultants and nurses will provide individualized instruction to make breastfeeding a successful and rewarding experience.

Lactation consultants are available seven days a week for inpatients, and we can continue to provide help even after you leave the hospital via follow-up phone consultations or outpatient office appointments.

We also offer additional services including pump rentals, supplies for purchase and free prenatal breastfeeding classes.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

At Elkhart General, The Motherhood Connection is available for mothers to share their breastfeeding experiences with others.

At Memorial, we invite moms to bring their babies to our weight check clinic. We will be able to address any breastfeeding needs at this time. Typically we would love moms to stay but due to Covid-19 we will need you to leave as soon as your baby is weighed and questions are answered. No siblings permitted. If more time is needed to assist you with breastfeeding, we will work with you to schedule a 1 on 1 visit, ideally after the weight check clinic. The new temporary location will be held at the Leighton Center 534 N Michigan St which is on southeast corner of Navarre and Michigan. Please enter from the doors on the south side where a lactation consultant will greet you and do a health screening. If you have any questions feel free to call 574.647.3475.