Going above and beyond

Melanie Glynn
Elkhart General Hospital

“My step-mom was recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, which there is no cure for. Her physician mentioned the possibility of taking a medication that could maybe slow the progression of the disease. But the cost would be very expensive If she were to be on this medication, she would need to take two pills per day, with each pill costing about $1,000. My dad and step-mom are retired teachers and live off their retirement and are on Medicare. This was a daunting feeling since there would be no way they could sustain that type of cost if Medicare wasn’t going to help pay for it.

“One day my dad stopped at Elkhart General Hospital and went to the outpatient pharmacy to ask about the medication. They said they didn’t know too much about it, but knew someone who probably did. They walked him down to Melanie Glynn. Melanie know about the medication and knew there was a possibility of my step-mom receiving the medication for free if she qualified. Melanie helped them complete the paperwork and sent it off for them and her first shipment of this medication recently came in the mail.

“Melanie may not know what kind of impact this has on my family. It is a quality of life kind of moment. We are so thankful that Melanie helped with this and so that’s why I’m nominating her for Associate of the Month. My parents are baby boomers. My dad would rather come in person and talk with someone instead of calling by phone. So he came in unannounced that day to ask about this medication and she took the time to help him. That is awesome.”

Kimberly Hengert
Beacon Health Ventures

“During the end of 2016 budget cuts that eliminated seven of Beacon Home Care Central Intakes associates, including our immediate manager, Kim kept a positive attitude and tried to encourage the remaining employees in our department.

“She became a team leader, without the team leader or supervisor title. She worked extra hours for weeks to make sure the services needed would be provided. She worked closely with Carey Gaudern during multiple meetings and Kaizen events and she helped our director, Mary Mortensen, come up with new processes to streamline the work flow and be more effective. She also worked with other departments to make sure how the changes would affect their departments.

“Kim has continued to stay positive and answer questions of current and new associates and other departments about the services we are continuing to provide and about the documentation that is needed to get these services provided to the patient.”

Christine Colpaert
Memorial Hospital

“Christie does an excellent job as a rounding house supervisor. She is very knowledgeable about discharge barriers and what she needs to do to solve them.

“Christie goes above and beyond by assisting with discharging of the patient herself and stripping beds when a helping hand is needed. She is highly autonomous in her role and is always willing to give a helping hand to whomever needs it.”

Nichole Mady
Beacon Health System

“Charli was very considerate in working with Order Management when multiple outpatient orders needed to be processed in one day. She took the time to call us to see what was the best way for us to receive the orders to make it easiest with our work flow.

“This was very considerate of Charli to think of us and how it would affect our day. We truly appreciate all she does!”

Ann Holcomb
Beacon Medical Group

“Ann is an amazing person! As busy as she is, she helps out everyone, every time. When I say that she gives 100 percent in her job, that is exactly what I mean — and not only to her job, but to those who she works along side and those who work under her leadership.

“Ann is always eager to help and always gets the job done. I know she takes pride in her work and is a great Beacon associate.”