This health priority reflects the need found in the Memorial Hospital of South Bend (MHSB) service area and among St Joseph County (SJC) community members.

Significant Health Need

Diabetes was the fourth most pressing health need in the CHNA’s key informant surveys. Data shows 20% of SJC respondents reported having been diagnosed with diabetes, compared to fewer than 8% in Elkhart County.

In SJC the percentage of respondents with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or gestational diabetes has increased from 2012 community member survey responses. Approximately 49% of diabetic respondents in SJC maintain an A1C level of 7% or below, compared with 37% in Elkhart County.

To face those challenges and meet this need, Beacon Community Health has created these focus areas and indicators to assess progress over time.

Priority Focus 1: Diabetes disease management

Priority Focus 2: Diabetes prevention