This is a regional health priority. Community outreach efforts are coordinated and intentional across both counties to further direct our communities toward

collective impact.

Significant Health Need

Being overweight or obese was cited as the most significant community health issue in the key informant survey and a high priority during group discussions in

both Elkhart and St Joseph counties. In Elkhart 33% of the adult population is obese, and 30% of the adults in St Joseph County are obese. Additionaly, over

17% of the children in St Joseph County are overweight and/or obese. Overweight/obesity is challenging enough on its own, but it is also often correlated with

heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and stroke. To face those challenges and meet this need, Beacon Community Health has created these focus areas and

indicators to assess progress over time.

Priority Focus 1: Community and youth engagement in physical activity

Priority Focus 2: Knowledge and consumption of healthy food


Un programa en español enfocado en la prevención y detección temprana de enfermedades a través de la educación....

Health Enhancement Lifestyle Program (HELP) is a six-week program to promote increased exercise and improved personal nutrition awareness in Elkhart County residents and employees....

The purpose of the Park Foundation, Madison Primary Center, Leeper Park, and Memorial Hospital collaboration is to positively impact childhood obesity....

Unity Gardens Food and Fun Immersion included programs and activities designed to enhance community garden experience and connection with fresh produce....