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All Youth Remain Safe from Violent Crime and Have a Second Chance

2-Keep kids on track and give them second chances
Keep boys and young men of color safe from violence and provide second chances
Offer high quality mentorship, diversion from criminal justice system, and provide safe outlets

2018 Priority 2 Programming

Beacon ACT, MADE, La Casa de Amistad, Pathways, South Bend Group Violence Intervention (SBGVI) and the South Bend Police Department (PAL) programs provided leadership development training (such as mentoring, socio-emotional learning) to 90.6% of participants.

Pathways, the South Bend Fire Department and PAL programs helped 63.0% of students increase or maintain their academic performance.

In 2017, the number of total shootings was 102, which decreased to 78 in 2018. In 2017, the number of SBGVI Group Member Involvement Shootings was 58, which decreased to 53 in 2018.

2019 PRIORITY 2 GOALS for MBK Program Partners
1.95% of youth and adults receive leadership development training (90.6% in 2018)
2.75% of students increase or maintain passing grades (63.0% in 2018)
3.Lower recidivism rates for youth and young men in criminal justice system
4.Lower shooting numbers and SBGVI Group Member Involvement shooting numbers