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Significant Health Need

Healthy Spirit: Substance AbuseAmong the assessed counties, Elkhart has the largest proportion of Adults that “both report that they currently smoke every day or most days and have smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime”, with 20.7%. The Adult Smoking rate for all three counties is higher than the National rate (17%), but lower than the State of Indiana rate (21.1%). The Healthy People program of the ODPHP5 has set as national target to reduce tobacco use by adults to 12% by 2020. The drug overdose mortality rate increase from 2014 to 2016 has been the largest in SJC, from 13.5 to 22.30. Although their rates are lower than SJC, EC (11.90, 12.30) and MC (7.79, 9.25) have also experienced increases. From 2014 to 2016, the Excessive Drinking rate increase was similarly highest in SJC (15.6-2014, 19.47-2016) . This rate also increased in EC (15.5, 15.71) and MC (16.2, 17.23). SJC’s rate was also higher than IN (18.0).

Priority Focus 1: Improve sense of community/connectedness in populations at risk of substance abuse disorders.

Priority Focus 2: Focus on prevention programs and initiatives as a key in minimizing substance abuse.

Priority Focus 3: Increase access to substance abuse services.


The purpose of this organization is outreach, education, and support around opioid use.  One way to they are making an impact is by placing Drop Off boxes at local places for community members to discard of unused medications so that they can be discarded appropriately....

Located on the old Oliver School site at Indiana Avenue & Kemble Street, Oliver Apartments features 32 one bedroom, one bath apartments.  Oliver Apartments is designed to offer individuals that are homeless a place to live and access supportive services....

SPA Women’s Ministry Homes provides 12-month, Christ-centered, residential treatment and aftercare support that empowers women to address the root causes of life-controlling issues and addictions in order to live productive lives of recovery....