E.Crew members give back to community

In support of Beacon Health System’s mission to empower health and well-being in the communities we serve, our 2017 E.Crew members volunteered at various organizations during the summer months.

“It was a wonderful part of the E.Crew experience,” said Rebekah Tucker.

The E.Crew volunteered at Monroe Circle Community Center, South Bend, which offers a wide range of programs to enhance the lives of community residents.

Pictured are: Cindy Neiberline, Kariann Brown-Nisley, April Buck, Emily Bove, Rebekah Tucker, Mena Vanhphoumy and Emily Lanier.


Members volunteered at Ronald McDonald House of Michiana, a home-away-from-home for families whose children are receiving care at Beacon Children’s Hospital.

Pictured are: Stacey Cook, Kub Marshman, Lori Richner, Amy Ernsperger, Lora Tatum and Trevor Forrest.



And members volunteered at Soup of Success in Elkhart, a women’s job and life skills empowerment program.

Pictured are: Sean Niven, Aaron Reynolds, Michelle Wright, Charlotte Mock, Jeremy Gillespie and Tom Yoder.


Thank you, E.Crew, for making a difference by volunteering your time and talent. We appreciate you and thank you for your service!