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Family Medicine In-Depth Elective

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• To give the student an understanding and appreciation of full spectrum Family Medicine through exposure to its many facets at an unopposed Family Medicine Residency program.

• To allow the student, under appropriate supervision, to assume diagnostic and therapeutic responsibilities of problems commonly managed by family physicians.

• Indiana University Elective Number is 71YF713

Medicine Services 

One Week

• Admit and follow patients with the medicine resident

• Present patients during rounds

• Treated like a resident except all orders and notes must be co-signed by the chief resident

• Spend two nights on call with a resident

• Attend all noon conferences

Pediatrics and Family Medicine Clinic 

One Week

• Rounds in the morning with pediatrics team

• Work up all patients along with resident until 5:00 pm

• After rounds, and when not working up a patient, spend time at the Family Medicine Clinic seeing patients as assigned by a resident

• Attend all noon conferences


One Week

• Spend one week with on-call residents with opportunity to participate in a 24-hour shift, if desired. If particular interest in OB is expressed, opportunites to obtain more exposure may be arranged

• Attend all teaching sessions

• May assist or observe in surgery

• Typically given at least two opportunities for deliveries

• Attend all noon conferences

Outpatient Family Medicine 

One Week

• Time spent rotating in the Family Medicine Clinic

• Evaluate patients in an outpatient setting with opportunities to staff with residents, faculty, and community physicians

• Supervised by faculty and community physicians

• Attend all noon conferences

Sports Medicine, Underserved Medicine, Colonoscopies 

• Flexible time to spend on a particular area of interest in Sports Medicine, Underserved Clinic, OB or Procedures

• Opportunities for experiences in colonoscopies, injections, ultrasound and other procedures

Medical Student Quotes

“I thought this was a great rotation in which to learn about the residency. I worked with most of the residents and feel like I got to know everyone really well. Everyone was pleasant to work with and eager to teach”
4th year student, Indiana University

“I enjoyed the variety of the rotation which allowed me to experience and to get a feel for multiple areas of how the FM Residency works since I spent a week in clinic, peds inpt., OB, & medicine inpt. I also felt the inpt peds week was very beneficial as I learned a lot and saw/admitted a vast variety of things.”
4th year student, Indiana University

“An excellent month. The residents and Family Medicine faculty were extremely knowledgeable and friendly, As a result of this rotation I plan to strongly consider Memorial Hospital as one of my top choices for residency.”,
3rd year student, Indiana University

“Perfect level of responsibility for a 4th year student. The residents ensured I felt comfortable with my patient care, but still allowed for as much responsibility as I wanted. Overall, one of the best rotations so far!”
4th year student, Indiana University

“Everyone(residents, faculty, nursing staff, and administrative staff )was very friendly and willing to help. A great balance of academics and hands-on experience. I wish I could spend more time here.”
4th year student, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Allowed to see patients alone, develop plan of treatment and do procedures. Staffed patients with chief and staff attending personally.”
4th year student, Indiana University

“Worked with hardworking, competent, knowledgeable, and pleasant residents. They are like the resident I’d like to be. What a fun experience on Peds.”
4th year student, Indiana University

“Allowed to do vaginal deliveries with family physicians and community OB/GYN physicians. Good experience with patient triage and work up of common issues in pregnancy.”
4th year student, Indiana University

“Very well structured rotation”
4th year student, Indiana University

“This program depends on the quality of its residents for the rotations– those residents are exceptional.”
4th year student

“On the OB floor the attending took time to present hypothetical situations, encouraging critical thinking and make opportunities for hands-on experiences”
3rd year student