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Beacon Health System


Beacon Health System aspires to achieve:

  • Innovative health care and well-being services of the highest quality at the greatest value
  • Easy access and convenience
  • Outstanding patient experiences
  • Ongoing education involving physicians, patients and the community


Beacon Health System exists to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the communities we serve by:

  • Putting patients at the center
  • Respecting one another
  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Operating with integrity
  • Being trustworthy in all that we do


Residency Values


The Family Medicine Residency Program of Memorial Hospital supports the mission of Beacon Health System, and in addition strives to:

  • Provide the highest quality of education to family medicine residents
  • Provide the best possible medical care and service to our patients
  • Advance the specialty of family medicine
  • Improve the health of our community

Program Values

As the faculty of the Family Medicine Residency Program of Memorial Hospital, South Bend, we define ourselves by the following:

  • We commit ourselves to achieving the highest quality of teaching for our residents, while ensuring the highest quality of care for our patients.
  • We define our program in terms of “family,” emotionally supporting and encouraging the growth of all who are part of our team.
  • We believe that residency should be a time of personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and that despite the often serious nature of what physicians do, residency should also be fun.
  • We embrace the defining tenets of family medicine, including the value of the biopsychosocial model, continuity of care across time and location, care of the family, and care of patients of all ages and disease states.
  • We expect from ourselves and our residents the highest standards of personal integrity, including honesty, fairness, compassion, respect for others and loyalty to the absent.
  • We value enthusiasm for teaching and the power of a positive attitude.
  • We value innovation as central to leadership, accepting its risks.
  • We seek opportunities to support each other in completing our mission.
  • We value professionalism and realize it is taught through example.
  • We respect differing opinions and encourage their expression.
  • We value equal opportunity for all and strive to bring people of talent, achievement and character to our program.
  • We value foresight and adaptability, as we prepare our residents to practice in the future rather than in the past.
  • We value rapid response to our residents’ needs.
  • We value self-reliance in our residents and support the development of their confidence and autonomy.
  • We value resident opinion and involvement in decisions of the program.
  • We define high quality patient care in terms of optimal management of acute and chronic illnesses, as well as preventing illness and enhancing quality of life whenever possible.
  • We strive to lead in the advancement of our specialty, as we believe family physicians make a unique and valuable contribution to health care.
  • We value a spirit of volunteerism and service to community.
  • We are proud of our long-standing tradition of success, most tangibly seen in the work of our alumni. We honor our past as we strive to create our future.