Generous girl gives dolls to cancer patients

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Eight-year-old Taigan Rockwell of Cassopolis started saving money this summer to buy herself an American Girl Doll. 

Unlike many kids her age, whose allowances are their sole source of income, Taigan earns money winning junior dragster races at the Osceola Dragway. 

When her mom handed her the American Girl Doll catalog that came in the mail, Taigan stumbled upon a picture of a doll without any hair. The doll had such an impact on Taigan, she had a change of heart. Instead of buying herself a doll, Taigan told her mom she wanted to buy a cancer doll for a little girl in the hospital with the money she’d saved. 

Word of her selfless and generous plan quickly spread, especially among the drag racers at Osceola Dragway. Taigan started receiving donations toward cancer dolls for sick children. 

Last Saturday, Taigan and her parents made a special trip to the American Girl Doll store in Chicago and purchased 10 American Girl Doll cancer dolls. 

Taigan delivered the dolls on Wednesday morning to Beacon Children’s Hospital and gave them to patients who are battling cancer. Thank you, Taigan, for your big heart.

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