Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Asad Ansari at Memorial

Team members at Beacon Medical Group Pediatric Multispecialty describe Dr. Asad Ansari as an excellent clinician with a huge heart.

Around the office, it’s not uncommon to see him holding a baby or walking with a scared child to get a book or treat. Even patients who are too young to pronounce his name know he truly cares for them: “Dr. Sorry” does everything he can to help kids feel happy and comfortable when they come to see him.

Always putting his patients first, Dr. Ansari works urgent patients into the clinic, even over his lunch hour. He schedules patients for procedures on Saturdays if that’s the only day that works for the family.

“Dr. Ansari gives more than just good medicine,” says one team member. “He looks after and cares for his patients in a holistic fashion, giving his time and full attention.”

He often spends time seeking referrals for family support and education, physical therapy, transportation or any other needs the patient and family might have.

Team members appreciate Dr. Ansari’s kindness, generosity and sense of humor with them as well.

“He cares for staff and their families just like he does his patients.”

Staff members know they can approach Dr. Ansari for advice; he is always willing to teach to benefit patient care.

“He fosters a sense of collaboration among providers and associates that results in optimal care for our patients,” describes another staff member. “He is always thinking of ways to help our clinic run more smoothly and efficiently so we can provide our patients with the care they need and deserve.”

Congratulations, Dr. Ansari, for being an awesome Rockin’ Doc!