Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Heidi Collins

Team members at Memorial Hospital who work closely with Dr. Heidi Collins describe her as compassionate, considerate, skilled and down-to-earth. This board-certified physician from Beacon Medical Group Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is recognized for her work with patients who may have musculoskeletal or neurological injuries or disorders.

On the Acute Rehabilitation Unit at Memorial, team members admire Dr. Collins for her commitment to both patients and staff.

“We love her honest attitude and dedication, her approachability and her witty sense of humor.”

And, despite having a large caseload, Dr. Collins is never too busy to stop and help staff members. Her kindness and caring manner help set a positive and healing tone for the entire unit.

Dr. Collins is also regarded as a great teacher, communicator and a strong problem solver. Described as having a true spirit of inquiry, Dr. Collins is genuinely empathetic and can see more than one side to every situation.

Dr. Collins’ reputation extends well beyond the Rehab Unit, too. One Pharmacy team member appreciates the time that Dr. Collins takes to explain the reasoning behind a medication order, fostering a sense of teamwork and professional respect.

“Dr. Collins is knowledgeable and experienced, and when I am aware of the goals for the patient, I can better evaluate the patient profile and help with providing quality patient care.”

For all of these reasons, Dr. Collins truly shines as a Rockin’ Doc!