Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Jagadeesh Reddy

Congratulations to Dr. Reddy of the Memorial Epworth Center for being a Doc Who Rocks!

A Rockin’ Doc is a physician who brings his or her best to Beacon each day. Associates and colleagues have nominated Dr. Reddy for this distinction because he makes authentic and trustworthy personal connections to create moments that matter for patients, families and staff members. Here are some of the reasons why his Beacon team members think Dr. Reddy rocks:

• When Dr. Reddy speaks with patients he gives his full attention to them, noticing the smallest details.

• Dr. Reddy is the “patient professor” who has fundamentally changed the way outpatient psychiatry is practiced at Beacon.

• Dr. Reddy combines compassion and a sense of humor, all while nurturing a professional environment.

• His leadership skills are shown in his firm support of the staff and his responsiveness to the needs of patients and providers. He has the respect of his staff and his peers.

• Dr. Reddy makes staff members want to work harder to become better people.

Thank you for your compassionate patient care and your commitment to your team, Dr. Reddy! You’re a Rockin’ Doc!