Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Justin Lightburn

Congratulations to Dr. Justin Lightburn of the Elkhart General Hospital Radiology Department for being a Doc Who Rocks!

A Rockin’ Doc is a physician who brings his or her best to Beacon Health System each day. Associates and colleagues nominated Dr. Lightburn for this distinction because he makes authentic and trustworthy personal connections to create moments that matter for patients, families and staff members. Here are some of the reasons why his Beacon team members thinks he rocks:

• In one instance, Dr. Lightburn graciously performed an emergent, technically challenging and lifesaving procedure. He was assigned at another location, drove to Elkhart General, and handled the situation beautifully. He organized the staff and saved the patient’s life — then went about his regular workday. Grace under pressure, for sure!

• Dr. Lightburn never fails to take extra time to ensure our patients have a complete understanding of their current situation and feel comfortable with what we are doing for them. He clearly has a deep concern for each patient.

• Dr. Lightburn always involves the nurses and techs in his plans, ideas and his intentions to better the health and experience of the patient.

• He is a great, smart, compassionate and down- to-earth doctor. He’s always in a good mood and respectful to all coworkers, no matter how crazy busy we are.

• We love Dr. Lightburn for his perfect mix of professionalism and sense of humor — we are lucky to have him on our team!

Thank you for your compassionate patient care and your commitment to your team, Dr. Lightburn! You’re a Rockin’ Doc!