Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Samuel McGrath

Congratulations to Dr. McGrath for being an awesome Rockin’ Doc!

Radiation Oncology team members at Memorial Hospital describe Dr. Samuel McGrath as disciplined and driven but also blessed with a generous and caring spirit.

“He puts his heart and soul into each patient’s case and takes each one’s outcome very seriously,” says one staff member.

Professional and compassionate, Dr. McGrath’s attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed by his patients, the Radiation Oncology team and his physician colleagues.

“Dr. McGrath takes a personal interest in each of this patients,” explains a staff member. “He remembers events and things important to each patient and comments on them at clinic visits.” Knowing that personal information can help calm fears.

Dr. McGrath spends as much time as needed with patients and their families to ensure they understand their treatment plan before they leave his office. A thorough and astute clinician, “He makes every effort to create the very best plan for delivering radiation treatment to help fight cancer.”

On a daily basis, Dr. McGrath supports camaraderie and a team atmosphere in the department, blending a keen sense of humor and a deep respect for each person’s contributions in his or her area of expertise.

As one staff member explains, “He is demanding of us, but that is because he expects us to provide the same level of care and concern that he provides every day. Memorial Regional Cancer Center provides superior care, and Dr. McGrath is just one of the many reasons why.”