Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Szabolcs Szabo

Congratulations to Dr. Szabolcs Szabo of Beacon Medical Group Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists South Bend for being a Doc Who Rocks at Memorial Hospital!

A Rockin’ Doc is a physician who brings his or her best to Beacon Health System each day. Associates and colleagues nominated Dr. Szabo for this distinction because he makes authentic and trustworthy personal connections to create moments that matter for patients, families and staff members. Here are some of the reasons why his Beacon team members think he rocks:

  • Dr. Szabo is very holistic with his patient care — he looks beyond the heart.
  • He is a true gentleman and always brings calm to chaos. He treats staff, patients and families with respect. 
  • Dr. Szabo is very good at educating his patients about what they need to get better as well as about the procedures he will perform.
  • He checks on his patients more than once a day — he even calls during the night to check on them.
  • Dr. Szabo’s open line of communication with the nursing staff results in coordinated patient care. He values the nurses and always pitches in to help.

Thank you for your compassionate patient care and your commitment to your team, Dr. Szabo! You’re a Rockin’ Doc!