In the Spotlight: Operators


Memorial Operators Front row: Kim Wright, Ponciano Constantino / Middle row: Mary Maguire, Elexis Bowman, Savannah Garland and Adam Gautier / Back row: Rebecca Upshaw, Marcia Bilinksi and Doug Toner / Not pictured: Laura Kreuger, Shawn Gunn and Rich Gottman

When you receive great customer service, it can make all the difference in your experience at a restaurant or store. The same idea applies when calling a business to ask for something: you want a personable, knowledgeable person on the other end who can help you. Beacon operators at Elkhart General and Memorial Hospital strive to do that every day when people call our health system.

Operators answer and manage thousands of calls monthly from the hospital switchboard and information desk; assist visitors to our facility by providing them with directions, registration information and various other requests; and facilitate physician requests by consulting calls schedules, paging other physicians and connecting them with outside physicians/facilities. Their important work to our health system may not be readily seen, but it’s always heard.


EGH Operators Kathy Martin and Laura Replogle

“Imagine what it feels like to need to get in touch with someone but not knowing how to reach them,” says Steve Huffman, Memorial Hospital President. “Patient families, friends and even our internal teams lean on a trusted group of experts to be a calm, friendly voice of information and help guide us to make those connections regularly. Hundreds of times a day the telephone operators link us together to hear from a loved one, notify someone of an emergency or just find someone who’s lost.”

Memorial Operators

  • Adam Gautier
  • Doug Toner
  • Elexis Bowman
  • Kim Wright
  • Laura Kreuger
  • Marcia Bilinski
  • Mary Maguire
  • Ponciano Constantino
  • Rebecca Upshaw
  • Rich Gottman
  • Savannah Garland
  • Shawn Gunn

Elkhart General Operators

  • Kate Arko
  • Judy Ferrebee
  • Deloris Ferris
  • Deb Hajicek
  • Erica Halter
  • Kathy Martin
  • Suzanne Price
  • Laura Replogle
  • Kay Stettler
  • Cynthia Stoops
  • Penny Wiesman