Innovation is at the core of what Beacon Health System is all about. Integrated into nearly every aspect of the world-class medical care delivered throughout the health system, Innovation has long been our part of our medical legacy.

Whether it’s the development of cutting-edge programs and services or the newly created Beacon Academy, Innovation propels our thinking to improve, expand, grow and evolve – always with the mission to provide the highest quality, greatest value and best experience for our patients.

As we navigate through the ever-changing health care landscape, our focus on Innovation will continue to serve us well to meet the needs of all those we serve. To do so, we have developed programming and new models for advancing Innovation at Beacon, as well as for those outside our health system.

Through years of study, Inno-Visits and groundbreaking partnerships, leaders at Beacon have learned first-hand the value of Innovation as a core competency. Our leaders have learned that building an inspired, project-oriented, problem-solving workforce is one of the most powerful ways to prepare for any business challenge. These core Innovation skills are vital to sustaining a successful organization. Although originally focused on measuring the benefits to health care organizations, the principles and tools we’ve identified apply to almost any business.

Key Advantages of an Innovation-Oriented Team

  1. Ability to Reduce Risk – The development of new programs or products carries a certain amount of risk. The use of R&D and Innovation tools such as rapid prototyping, deep dives and other methods allows for mistakes to be made early and at less expensive stages. Organizations that pay close attention to reducing risk will have the ability to manage resources better and improve the chances for new business success.
  2. Ability to Differentiate – Most American businesses have undertaken quality improvement skill building as well as service improvement efforts. These initiatives typically have great impact on the ability to meet and exceed customer needs. These are crucial values needed for a successful operation. A focus on quality and service means continually improving your work. We feel there is a third equally important value: differentiation. Commoditization is a danger for many companies, and a cure for this is having a workforce that has the ability to differentiate and innovate. An organization that values innovation and empowers staff to innovate will be much better prepared to differentiate.

Innovation Education at Pfeil Innovation Center

Beacon Health System leaders have transformed Beacon’s own Innovation research into real education opportunities for any organization. We offer engaging, inspiring Innovation education at the Pfeil Innovation Center, a revolutionary center named in honor of Indiana entrepreneur, innovation pioneer and visionary businessman Richard J. Pfeil. Reimagine the relevance of your organization at the Pfeil Innovation Center. Offering a variety of Innovation courses, the Pfeil Innovation Center is staffed by some of the most compelling Innovation instructors in the country.