Inspiring gratitude

Have you heard how grateful patients are for the care you provide?

You may receive an email or note in the coming months saying “thank you” for the care you provided a patient. It’s part of our Inspiring Gratitude program that we are launching this summer.

The program gives patients a way to express gratitude through a gift to the Beacon Health Foundation in honor of a nurse, doctor or special caregiver who made a difference in their lives.

We want to make sure you know how you inspire hope, healing, recovery and gratitude in all of us. When we receive a patient story about the exceptional care you provide, we will share it with you. We also will offer our thanks for touching a life in such a meaningful way.

Giving transforms the giver and receiver

We know that generosity heals. It’s a vital part of recovery and can have profound effects on quality of life. Generosity also supports our mission to provide outstanding quality, superior value and comprehensive healthcare services to our community.

That’s why we’ve created the Inspiring Gratitude program. It invites patients and their families to become partners with us as we change lives. We also encourage donors to share their stories about how caregivers have touched their lives.

Power of generosity

Here are some of the ways donors and their generosity change lives every day.

  • Parents eased emotional strain during their child’s surgery, thanks to the comforts of a family lounge funded by grateful donors.
  • Thanks to life-saving heart surgery, a grateful husband, father and business owner pledged support for vital medical technology.
  • A single mother found her cancer early, thanks to a mammogram paid for by donations.
  • Nurses improved their skills and knowledge to provide high quality patient care, thanks to generous support of lifelong learning programs.

Now we want to you to know how grateful patients are for the care you provide. If you find a note of thanks in your email inbox, you’ll know you have made a difference in someone’s life.

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