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Beacon Granger Hospital

  • Monday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM
  • Tuesday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM
  • Wednesday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM
  • Thursday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM
  • Friday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM
  • Saturday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM
  • Sunday 12 AM  - 11:59 PM

About Beacon Granger Hospital

The new Beacon Granger Hospital is the first small acute care hospital in the region. This innovative model of care connects you to emergency and specialized care and services in your neighborhood, and meets the needs and expectations of all patients to have convenient access to medical treatment close to home.

You can expect the same level of clinical excellence and compassionate care at Beacon Granger that Beacon Health System is trusted to provide at more than 70 locations across the region.

Beacon Granger is conveniently located on the northwest corner of Capital Avenue and Beacon Parkway, immediately off the Indiana Toll Road and across from Beacon Health & Fitness. The main entrance is accessible on Beacon Parkway.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Beacon Granger is specially designed to streamline emergency care and treatment for patients. Our average wait time to be seen by a physician is approximately 10 minutes. The facility contains an 16-bed emergency department with sophisticated imaging and diagnostic equipment, as well as eight in patient beds. The inpatient medical unit is available for times when patients have illnesses that require overnight stays or observation care.
Emergency & Trauma Care

Frequently asked questions

What is a small acute care hospital?

Beacon Granger Hospital is a smaller footprint hospital designed to offer high-quality emergency care and treat serious conditions and injuries in a convenient location for patients close to where they live.

What services and imaging is available at Beacon Granger?

Beacon Granger has board-certified emergency room ER physicians and registered nurses who are prepared to treat a variety of serious illnesses and injuries. The hospital offers imaging and diagnostic services, including X-ray, CT scanning and ultrasound. Echocardiograms and non-invasive cardiac screenings are also available.

How is Beacon Granger different from an urgent care center?

Beacon Granger can treat more serious conditions than MedPoint Urgent Care. Full on-site emergency services are available at Beacon Granger 24/7 for patients who walk in or are transported by ambulance.

Providers at Beacon Granger Hospital

Directions to Beacon Granger Hospital

3220 Beacon Parkway
Granger IN, 46530