Making the Move

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Elkhart General staff moved equipment, supplies and, of course, surgery patients to the new Arthur J. Decio Pavilion in just over a 72-hour window. Karra Heggen, MSN, BSN, RN, Vice President of Nursing at Elkhart General and Cindie McPhie, Elkhart General Executive Director of Specialty Services & Exceptional Experience, share the amazing experience in their own words.

“In an incredible display of efficiency, organization and hard work, Elkhart General staff moved surgery patients to the new Arthur J. Decio Pavilion. It was a Herculean undertaking that involved the help of dozens of associates over just a three-day period!

The Surgical Care associates and leadership were excited to complete the dream of moving into the space they helped design, and our patients and visitors have commented on the beautiful accommodations already.

It was a very successful move! We did not do it alone. What about the ancillary departments! Information Systems, Telecom, Pharmacy, Material Management, Clinical Engineering, Plant Ops, including the locksmiths, Chaplains, Environmental Services, Volunteer Services, Dietary, Respiratory and Rehab were working alongside Nursing to make the move seamless!

Surgery, led by Pam Goddard-Dunfee and her leadership team of Kim Detwiler, Mechelle Kemp, Susan Riddle and Jackie Davis, along with many associates, have been putting the finishing touches on the phenomenal OR floor! Cindie McPhie’s leadership team of Lorna Stahler and Shelley Taylor worked with the Total Joint Unit associates to complete their move of equipment and supplies to the fifth floor Total Joint Unit on Friday (Jan. 15).

I want to express my gratitude to all who helped with the move. We could not have done it without you!

Thank you to the staff of Critical Care Center as we moved via the bridge to the Pavilion.

A special thank you to Mark Bralick and my nursing leadership team: Lisa MacDonald, Deanna Roberts, Mendy Dendy and Bri Poorman. They have spent countless hours the last three years planning and preparing, especially the last two months for the inaugural day of surgical care. We are looking forward to getting our groove on in our new digs!”

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Karra Heggen, MSN, BSN, RN








“It is truly amazing when you consider the thousands and thousands of details that needed to come together to make this happen. The work that needed to be done in preparation for this move touched almost every department in some way or another. Whether it was a work area design, behind-the-scenes work for things like phones, billing, Cerner, equipment selection or new work flow/ process design, it took incredible collaboration and teamwork to bring this to life. This is quite extraordinary and speaks to the amazing work that happens every day within Beacon.”

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Cindie McPhie