Mona Sharp awarded Sunshine Award at Memorial

The Interdepartmental Council recently presented the first Memorial Hospital Sunshine Award to Mona Sharp, who works as day shift unit assistant in the OSC pre/post op area. Mona has worked at Memorial Hospital for 25 years. Her husband, David, is also a nurse in the Heart and Vascular Center.

Mona is a kind, compassionate, caring person. She works hard and hustles to help the staff and make sure patients are taken care of. Mona decorates the unit and manager doors every season and holiday to add cheer and festiveness to our workplace. She is just an all-around joy and wonderful person to be around.

Based on a multitude of nominations, Mona was chosen because she exemplifies the meaning of the Sunshine Award:

S – Smiling: Mona always has a smile on her face and is positive, even on a bad day.

U – Understanding: Mona recognizes the needs of our patients when they check into the department.

N – Nurturing: Mona takes children to pick out a new toy and prints out coloring pictures for them while they wait.

S – Sharing: Mona always pitches in to help anyone with anything. She helps patients, families, doctors, students, nurses, aides and housekeeping, always with a smile.

H – Helping hand: Mona runs the front desk, takes vital signs and takes patients to their rooms.

I – Integrity: Mona has God in her heart and is not afraid to share that love.

N – Nobility: If a nurse cannot take a patient to a room, Mona is always assessing if she should help out. She welcomes our patients warmly and this is very helpful because oftentimes they arrive feeling anxious about their surgery.

E – Excellence: Mona decorates our unit for the holidays, brings treats and shares openly with EVERYONE.

On behalf of the Interdepartmental Council, your co-workers at OSC and across Memorial Hospital, congratulations, Mona Sharp, and thank you, for all you do for Beacon.