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Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Ron Nelson

Congratulations to Dr. Ron Nelson of Beacon Medical Group Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists South Bend for being a Doc Who Rocks at Memorial Hospital!

A Rockin’ Doc is a physician who brings his or her best to Beacon Health System each day. Associates and colleagues nominated Dr. Nelson for this distinction because he makes authentic and trustworthy personal connections to create moments that matter for patients, families and staff members. Here are some of the reasons why Beacon team members think Dr. Nelson rocks:

  • Dr. Nelson is a true gentleman, scholar and professional. There is no stupid question or request with him — he always takes the time to teach and gives you 110% of his attention.
  • He puts his patients’ needs first and will stop what he is doing to answer their questions and address their fears, even sharing personal stories to put others atease.
  • Dr. Nelson is amazing — he still takes cardiac interventional call after working all day, then all night and back again the next day, always with a smile on his face and ready to work again.
  • He is so calm under pressure. In crisis situations, he has the ability to walk everyone through methodically, calmly and gets the job done.
  • Dr. Nelson will put his agenda on hold to help someone else at a moment’s notice. He is the absolute best at what does.
  • Dr. Nelson is respected by his peers, staff and administration for his enduring dedication to Beacon Health System.
  • Dr. Nelson is a gentle, kind-hearted man. It’s been an honor to work with him over the years.

Thank you for your compassionate patient care and your commitment to your team, Dr. Nelson! You’re a Rockin’ Doc!