Noticed on Facebook

talk-bubbles-fbThe selfless work of our associates does not get overlooked by those impacted most directly by their exceptional care—patients and their family members. Here are a couple messages that have been posted to Beacon’s Facebook page. (See for yourself:

Elkhart General Hospital

“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the staff who took care of my dad last week. Especially Dr. Annan, Dr. Ross-Douglas, the nurses Tim and Angela and so many others. We spent the week there by my dad’s bedside up until the minute he left us. The care of these individuals was incredible. Thank you so much for the compassion. We couldn’t have been more blessed. It was a very rough week for our family but they helped ease our pain. The chaplains were also fantastic, especially Terri. Thanks again for taking care of not only my dad, but us as well. You were all amazing and we will be forever grateful.”

– Alicia –

Memorial Hospital

“All of the staff on the 3rd floor cardiovascular unit are outstanding, everyone of them. But I’d like to shout out to a few that I connected to. Kara was simply awesome, full of compassion. Henry is absolutely funny. Paul was my favorite of all of them. He really took the time to explain the procedure to me when I was very apprehensive, told me that I was in great hands, and as busy as he was he always found time for anything that I needed … I will miss these people. Memorial, you rock.”

– Andrew –