Patient Safety Fair winners, activities

As you may know, this is “National Patient Safety Awareness Week” at both Elkhart General and Memorial Hospitals.

Last Friday, Memorial had a kick-off Safety Fair, where associates visited different displays and collected stamps on their patient safety passports. 

Betsy Smith, safety and accreditation coordinator, Memorial Hospital, said more than 230 prize entries were received, and even more associates attended the fair and without entering the drawings.

Before we announce the winners, we wanted you to know that all associates in clinical and support positions at Memorial Hospital are being asked to take a survey.

The survey will measure your opinions about patient safety. Click here to take the survey electronically.

“We want your honest input,” Betsy said. “The results will be more meaningful if you take the time to complete the survey openly and honestly. The more responses we receive, the better picture we’ll have of our safety culture.”

Now here are the prize winners, who should contact Betsy at 574.647.2290 to pick up their prize.

Chimmy Sharp (Lab) — Kindle Fire HD8 with Alexa
Loretta Adams (Float Team) — 1 PTO Day
Dawn May (Major Surgery) — Beacon Health & Fitness, 1 Month
Kyra Harris (EVS) — Garage Parking, 1 Month
Amanda Whitmore (Major Surgery) — Auto Emergency Kit
Tricia Grogan (Social Services) — Home Safety Kit
Zoilita Carrillo (NICU) — Dunkin Donuts GC
Caryn Herman (Admitting/Registeration) — Relax Gift Bag
Dana Bierly (Parking) — WeathervaneRichard LaFerriere (OSC) — Travel pillow
Patty Voth (Pulmonary) — Warm and Snuggly Blanket
Jen Marcotte (Rehab) — Beacon Lunch Box
Sarah Grebe (9 South) — Beacon Lunch Box
Laura Hennings (Major Pre-Op) — Beacon Lunch Box

Betsy also wanted to give a shout-out to the team members who organized last week’s Safety Fair.

Gina Arsenault
Angela Boenne
Matt Curry
Jennifer Cutshaw
Jim GalassoKim Garza
Lesley Heckaman
Kelly Jolliff
Tom Jordan
Pam Morrison
Lynn Rhode
Rachel Savoie
Susie Smith
Gail Weismann
Elizabeth Buchanan
Craig Whitfield

At Elkhart General this week, “WAKE UP” is aimed at educating patients and their families, as well as visitors, on the appropriate pain and/or sedation management to keep their loved ones comfortable and away from home, said Bri Poorman, BSN, RN, CMSRN, Med-Surgical Care Unit.

Here’s what the acronym stands for:

W: Warn your health care provider if you feel unusually groggy or drowsy.
A: Ask your health Care provider about the importance of reducing unnecessary sleepiness and sedation.
K: Know your medications.
E: Establish realistic pain expectations with your health care provider.
U: Understand the risks and signs of oversedation.
P: Participate actively in your care.