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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I get a t-shirt?

Yes – as long as you are registered on or before May 8th, you are guaranteed a shirt.

Are kids able to participate? 

Yes – if they meet age requirements. To participate in the 5K or 10K, they must be at least 6 years of age on race morning. To participate in the half marathon, they must be at least 10 years of age on race morning.

Are strollers allowed?

No – due to safety concerns, no wheels of any type are allowed in any event.

Are pets allowed?

No – although we love dogs, due to safety concerns, they are not allowed in any event.

Can I run with headphones?

Yes – but please be careful doing so. Be sure that you are able to hear your surroundings and you are able to listen for instructions from police and other race personnel.

Instead of running, can I walk the half marathon, 10K run, or 5K run?

The course closes on a 20 minute mile. If you were to walk any of these events slower than a 20 minute mile all course support would stop and roads would reopen to traffic. If you plan to walk, we recommend you register for the 5K walk.

What kinds of fluids are on the course?

Water and Gatorade will be available at all water stops and the finish.

Where can I find bathrooms?

Port-a-Potties will be available in the South Bend Cubs Performance Center parking lot and near various water stops – see map for more information.

Where should the bib be placed?

On your front side, on the torso area.

Do I need to wear my Sunburst race shirt?

No – you certainly can and many do, but you are free to run in whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Will there be photography on the course?

Yes – be prepared to smile for the GameFace Media photographers! There will be 10 of them along the course. You will receive an email a few days after the race with a link to your photos. 

Will you have gear check available? 

No – due to declining interest we will not offer gear check this year.

Are there pacers available?

Yes – pacers are available for runners in the half marathon. To sign up, visit their booth at the Expo.

Where can I find medical and first aid?

Michiana Bike Patrol will be on the course with first-aid needs (look for individuals on bikes wearing red vests). A full medical tent will also be available at the finish.

Can I register on race day?

Yes – but keep in mind you’ll need to arrive early to do so and there will not be a race shirt available for you. We recommend you register prior to race day.

What happens if I’m on the course and the race is cancelled due to severe weather?

If the race is cancelled (“black flagged”) report to the nearest water stop. Shuttles will head to each water stop to pick up runners and take them back to the start.

I need to a book hotel, can you recommend one?

We can, please visit:

Where can I find course maps?

Course maps are available online and will be posted on large easels at the Expo.

Corporate Teams

Why create a Corporate Team?

Because running with your co-workers and friends is a blast! Nothing beats that festive feeling of comradery, community, accomplishment, and support.

Do all members of our team have to run the same race?

No – your team members can run whatever events they want.

What if we don’t have at least 10 team members?

You can still create a team. A total of 10 members are needed for the customized race shirts (logo printed on the sleeve).

What benefits do Corporate Teams receive?

  • Cross Country Style Scoring for the 5K and 10K (must have at least 5 participants in these events)
  • Customized race shirts with logo printed on the sleeve (must have at least 10 total team members)
  • Expedited Packet Up for Team Captains (must communicate this option prior to the Expo)
  • Access to the Corporate Team Tent/VIP Area (extra food and drinks from Jimmy Johns and music)


Does it cost extra?

Yes – because of the extra benefits Corporate Team members receive, pricing is slightly higher than individual pricing. Any discounts offered do not apply to Corporate Teams. The events are priced as follows:

  • Half Marathon – $85
  • 10K Run – $45
  • 5K Run – $40
  • 5K Fitness Walk – $32.50


What if I’m already registered and not on a Corporate Team?

You can still join. Whether you want to create your own team or join an existing team (make sure you have the captain’s permission), just email us: and we’ll get you taken care of.

Is there a deadline to register?

Yes – all Corporate Teams must be created by Tuesday, April 23rd at 11:59pm.  Team members will then have 1 additional week to join the team. Anyone wanting to be a part of a corporate team must be registered by Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59pm under that team. No one can be added after the deadline – no exceptions.

How do we pay?

Each Corporate Team will need a captain (someone to rally the troops and keep things organized). The captain will determine whether the team or the individual will pay (and if family members can join the team). If the team pays, we will send an invoice after the April 30th registration deadline. If the individual is responsible for payment, it will be due upon registering.

Expo/Packet Pickup

When and where is packet pickup?

Packet pickup takes place at our Health & Wellness Expo on Friday, June 5th from noon-8pm at the Century Center located at: 120 South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., South Bend, IN 46601. Please note there is a $5.00 parking fee. To avoid that fee, most downtown garages offer free 2-hour parking.

Can someone else pick up my packet?

Yes – just be sure to share your bib number with the person picking up your packet.

What does the Expo offer?  

There will be 40+ vendors for you to check out, plenty of cool Sunburst and Fleet Feet merchandise for sale, information about other races, a live remote with Sunny 101.5 and WSBT, and a fun atmosphere!


Where is the start line?

All events begin at Four Winds Field, home of the South Bend Cubs, near the Performance Center, located at: 525 S. Lafayette Blvd., South Bend, IN  46601

What time do the races begin? 

  • Half Marathon – 6:30am
  • 10K Run – 7:30am
  • 5K Run – 8:30am
  • 5K Fitness Walk – 9:00am


Where should I park on race morning?

Parking will be available in the Four Winds lots, excluding the Performance Center lot. Should parking be full, downtown garages and spaces may be utilized at the appropriate fees. After the race, free shuttles are available.

How early should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early if you have picked up your packet/bib prior to race morning. Should you need to pick up your packet, use the restroom, etc. – definitely allow extra time.


Will the race finish inside Notre Dame Stadium again? 

Yes – all events will finish on the 50 yard line.

Can I take a selfie/finisher photo on the field?

Yes – however, photos cannot be taken on the actual 50-yard-line/finish line. Due to safety issues with thousands of runners and walkers all crossing the line, participants must keep moving forward once they’ve finished.
There will be two designated photos areas on the field as well as an area in the stands specifically for photo opportunities – smile big!

Do I get a finisher medal?

All half marathon and 10K finishers will receive a medal. We also offer top medals for our timed events: 5K run, 10K run, and half marathon.

Is there a post-race party*?

Yes – sponsored by Fleet Feet of Mishawaka. It will take place in Jordan Hall (on the Notre Dame campus). They are offering light snacks and refreshments, plus catered beer from Crooked Ewe. Race finishers will get 1 drink free with their bib. Admission to the party is $10.00 with proceeds going to the Beacon Children’s Hospital. There will be a cash bar. For more information please contact:

*Beacon Health System and Sunburst Races are not sponsors of this event

Where can spectators park at Notre Dame?

The Joyce and Compton parking lots will be the best place for spectators to park at Notre Dame. Please review the Notre Dame parking map for more information.

How can I get back to the start/downtown? 

Participants can ride the shuttles free of charge, which are located in front of Joyce ACC. Shuttles run from 7am-11:30am. Please be prepared to wait during peak times.

Is there a certain pace I need to maintain?

Yes – the course closes to runners and reopens to vehicle traffic according to the slowest allowable pace of a 20 minute mile. Water stops will also close according to that pace. The finish line is the last section of the course to close at 11am (4.5 hours after the start of the half marathon). Please understand: the course and all runner support do not remain open for 4.5 hours; they close on a rolling basis. If you fall behind the 20 minute mile, proceed at your own risk. 

What if I can’t finish?

Head to the nearest water station and inform the R.A.C.E.S volunteer that you’d like to drop out.