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Medical Weight Loss

Not everyone with obesity needs surgical weight loss. At Beacon Health System, we have non-surgical options to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Memorial Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery Center has medically based weight management options that have proven track records for sustained weight loss.

We take a comprehensive approach to weight loss, addressing diet, exercise and the habits and motivations that determine your eating patterns.

12-Week Weight Loss Program

Our physician-directed program offers you a non-surgical approach to meet your weight loss goals. It includes:

  • Medical evaluation and monitoring
  • Group and individual nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian
  • Exercise guidance and therapy for weight loss and weight maintenance

We can also refer you to psychologists and therapists who work with you on behavior modification to make you comfortable and confident with changes in your life that will lead to significant weight loss.


OPTIFAST is a long-term solution for weight loss that combines support and counseling, comprehensive lifestyle education and medical monitoring with a great-tasting meal replacement to help you lose weight and significantly reduce weight-related health risks.

At the heart of the OPTIFAST program is a portion-controlled, calorically precise, nutritionally complete diet that takes the guesswork out of eating.

OPTIFAST has been proven effective in more than 80 clinical studies and by more than one million people who have participated in the program since 1974. The typical OPTIFAST patient loses around 52 pounds in 22 weeks.

Why Weight? Program

Like OPTIFAST, Why Weight is also a medically-supervised program. It is an option for patients who may prefer partial instead of full meal replacements. The typical patient has five supplements per day as well as one healthy meal.

For both medical and surgical weight loss, we offer monthly support groups to provide education and foster emotional support from your peers.