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Beacon Community Impact

We are starting 2019 with a new name and new focus areas: Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Spirit and Healthy Families. Let’s make an impact on community health together!

Patty Willaert, Executive Director
Kimberly Green Reeves, Director
Sue Taylor, Early Childhood Services | WIC Manager


Beacon Community Impact works with multiple organizations in a collaborative health network. We use data-driven, evidence-based and transparent practices to chart progress and measure health impact as a result of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

We are committed to strengthening the relationships within our community, embracing the diversity found there to help make Elkhart County, Marshall County, and St Joseph County healthy places to live!

We have a steadfast intention to help our community become one of the healthiest in the nation. Creating a healthier community means helping people stay well by:

  • Educating on important topics
  • Providing the means to adopt healthier lifestyle choices
  • Removing barriers to ensure access to adequate health care

Beacon Community Impact has established numerous community health programs and services and provides a significant amount of traditional financial assistance for uninsured patients who cannot afford health services.

Community Benefit programs are ultimately designed to primarily serve the indigent, at-risk, minority, medically under-served and most vulnerable populations of our communities. This will ultimately improve the long-term, comprehensive health of our community as a whole.

During the second year of the CHNA’s three year cycle, Community Impact continued working at integrating outreach efforts and hospital data to create population health solutions. For community outreach, population health represents community benefit programs rightly focusing on the underlying causes of health problems, including the social determinants of health for vulnerable and at-risk community members. Hence, Beacon Health System’s community outreach extends beyond the individual and focuses on health outcomes of an entire group, community, culture or institution.

We were fortunate to work collaboratively with wonderful community partners who help us address the needs of many, especially those most vulnerable. In doing so, our joint efforts yielded progression within population health.

We created a framework for utilizing data necessary for making informed decisions and put strategies in place to address health issues. Alongside our community partners we continue to understand the value of prevention, health education, community outreach, innovative partnerships and dynamic services and programs that change behaviors, empower good decision making and in due course create opportunities for optimal health outcomes. Furthermore, Community Impact took a multidisciplinary approach, acknowledging there were many ways to arrive at a solution or begin to address an issue.

As a change agent we asked necessary questions to get to the source of barriers and executed a plan for successful outcomes. By creating working groups within our Community Health Needs Assessment Advisory Council, we demonstrated the importance of making sure we had community stakeholder input needed to make well-versed decisions.


All of our work in the community would not be possible without the support and effort of our community partners. We truly value the opportunity to continue to build relationships with them, and would like to thank them for all that they do – for the community, and for their collaborative experience.

Community Health Advisory Council Members

David Bailey
Jay Caponigro
Sam Centellas
Sue Coney
Dr. Kate Dutkiewicz
Dr. Ahmed Elmaadawi
Kimberly Green Reeves
Dr. Charisse Johnson
Maggie Kernan
Susan King
Barbara Macmillan
Robin Meleski
Dr. Martina McGowan
Dr. Tom Mellin
Dr. Lydia Mertz
Dr. Colleen Morrison

Dr. Omobola Olaniyan
Lilian Quintero
Dr. Senaka Ratnayake
Glenn Rosswurm II
Maria Slager
Sue Taylor
Lori Turner
Karen White
Andrew Wiand
Brian Wiebe
Patty Willaert
Cathilda Weekes-Nilli
Candy Yoder

Community Partner Organizations

466 Works Community Development Corporation

525 Foundation

ACE Interface

Addressing Childhood Trauma

B.A.B.E. Store

Bully Me Badd

Center for Hope & Healing

Child and Parent Services, Inc. (CAPS)

Elkhart County Health Department – Healthy Beginnings

Elkhart Education Foundation or Boling Vision Center

Gentlemen & Scholars

Goodwill Industries of Michiana (SBGVI)

Goodwill Industries of Michiana (SBGVI-SAVE)

Hawthorne School

Imani Unidad


Michiana VegFest

Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition

Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition, NIHHC

Ribbon of Hope, Inc.

Riverbend Cancer Services

South Bend Heritage Foundation – Oliver Apartments

SPA Women’s Ministry Homes

St. Joseph County Department of Health

Suicide Prevention Center (UHS)

Unity Gardens

WIC of St. Joseph County

YWCA North Central Indiana

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