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CHNA News & Updates

It’s been a wonderful year for community health. In 2019 we accomplished so much, and we put together a couple of handy guides to explain our successes, and the opportunities we see for improvement moving forward.

The info graphic to the right displays a snapshot on specific, measurable goals. It is meant as a quick-guide for those who don’t have time to read the whole report, and will be updated on a semi-annual basis.

While reading the 2019 Community Benefit Report you will find each hospital’s outcomes detailed respectively per county. Although highlighted individually, it was also important to illustrate combined results across priority outcomes and regionally when possible. In order to deliver that information efficiently and effectively, we outlined additional data needs by priority, requested program data necessary to show collective impact, and collected common data points. Additionally, we evaluated the interdisciplinary role of stakeholders and population-based public health strategies. We also adjusted approaches to influence public health interventions, and applied evidence-based research and practices to promote positive social change.

The primary goal of our evaluation is to ensure that community benefit efforts are addressing targeted health needs and making a difference in the community. This Community Benefit (CHNA) Report is a collaboration between Community Hospital of Bremen, Elkhart General Hospital, and Memorial Hospital South Bend; the three hospitals share prioritized needs and strategies for community health improvement.