Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

"Their minds are opened and they look for opportunities to serve, to make a difference…"

Welcome from the Director!

Thank you for your interest in our nationally renowned residency program!  As our health care system continues to evolve, there is no question that our specialty will remain pivotal in addressing the health care needs of our country. We’re excited about the strong teaching experience we’re able to offer our residents, and about the high-caliber students we’ve attracted to our program over the past several decades.

In 2018, Memorial Residency was recognized by the ACGME for fostering a respectful and supportive learning environment for its residents by receiving the Baldwin Award. Although we don’t strive to win awards in our everyday work, this reflects the support and partnership we have with Memorial Hospital and Beacon Health System and is illustrative of the exceptional experience our residents experience.   With only two such awards given in the country annually, this confirms what we’ve known all along – we’re a place where you can thrive at work!

We are a 9-9-9 unopposed residency program located in South Bend, IN.  Being the only residency in the hospital gives our residents ample hands-on experience with rich learning opportunities.  All of our residents learn by doing and have a level of autonomy that challenges them while still providing a safety net of informed and engaged faculty members who ensure no one gets left behind during training.

We offer several different curricular options to individualize learning and goals for each resident without compromising the essential broad training base of full spectrum family medicine for all.  We have three fellowship options for residents who want to expand their training: Sports MedicineObstetrics and a unique Health Service Management fellowship that offers a longitudinally integrated Masters in Public Affairs degree from Indiana University.

Our clinic space was expanded and modernized in 2016 to offer state of the art resources for our patients and providers.  Our benefits package is excellent, supporting our residents through their training years while also providing technological support with a laptop and access to electronic medical resources.

With family medicine remaining at the core of our community’s healthcare model, South Bend continues to be an excellent location to train and practice as a family physician.  South Bend is a moderate sized city which is family friendly, has plenty of local attractions with the added benefit of being in close proximity to Chicago and Indianapolis for those seeking a bigger city atmosphere.

There are many factors that make Memorial an amazing place to train but above all else, the people, our “Memorial Family”, are what make us great and we are extremely proud of our residents and alumni. Our residents are remarkable and this is further exemplified by one of our third year residents being awarded the AAFP Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education in 2019, an award annually bestowed upon 12 residents in the entire country.

I would be remiss if I did not mention how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our practice environment and the education of our residents.  As with many programs around the country, we have been forced to change how we provide patient care and education at a moment’s notice.  I have been extraordinarily impressed with our faculty and residents in their malleability to adapt to this national and local crisis.  Throughout the pandemic, there have been three central tenets that we have not compromised: extraordinary education for our residents, provision of great patient care, and the safety of our residents.  We remain primed and ready to answer to the needs of our community and innovate during this unique time in history.

I sincerely hope you will visit us so we may share with you our enthusiasm for the work we’re doing here at Memorial Hospital!  Given travel and social distancing concerns, we would love to connect virtually with you as well!  Coming soon to our website will be an opportunity to connect virtually with us to learn more about Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program and if it is the right fit for you.

If you’d like to learn more, email us at, browse our website or visit our Facebook Page. Our program uses the ERAS system and only accepts residents through the NRMP match. This interview season will certainly look different than previous seasons due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We hope to offer in-person and virtual interviews, much of this will depend on the climate surrounding COVID-19.  We plan to start interviews at the end of October and continue through January.

Kristine (Tina) Jennings, MD, FAAFP
Program Director

Recipient of the 2018 DeWitt C. Baldwin, Jr. Award