Ted Roth, MD, Urogynecology

Patients describe Dr. Ted Roth as a physician who pays attention to them and their concerns. His colleagues describe him as driven and efficient as he is affable. Patients and colleagues alike appreciate his quick wit and dry, often self-effacing, sense of humor. The heart he brings to his practice is much deeper.

Dr. Roth partners with and educates his patients. He feels that patients should be actively engaged in decision- making and in their care.

Like many physicians, the ability to make meaningful improvements in others’ lives is very gratifying and is the sole reason Dr. Roth continues to practice medicine. He has extensively published, allowing him to not only help shape the next generation of providers, but also influence his colleagues. This speaks to his commitment to provide exemplary care and improve patient outcomes.

A urogynecologist is a surgeon with specialized training in urology and gynecology with a focus on reconstructive surgery.

“Often the problems I treat have been ongoing for many years. In my experience, there is always an option. I educate patients about their choices and how I can help them achieve their goals,” Dr. Roth said. “Every patient is different, so the same therapy, or the same surgery, is not right for everyone.”



What was your first job? I was a groundskeeper at a tennis center, and I’m always up for a game.

What’s your favorite movie? Do I have to choose just one? Many of Ridley Scott’s movies like Blade Runner or Alien, and John Carpenter’s works are some favorites.

What was your least favorite subject in school? Cooking. They made all the students take a cooking class at my high school. Everything we cooked or baked started with Bisquick.

In addition to medicine, what else are you passionate about? I love to cook. Unexpected, I know, given my high school experience but I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to recipes and modifying them to come up with a “best” rendition. I’m a fan of making sauces and marinades from scratch. I’m fond of the Indian and Korean dishes I’ve prepared. I enjoy gardening and use my vegetables when cooking.

What are you striving toward? Trying to find the time to play my bass guitar, read, draw, and work out.