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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who pays for a patient to be transported by MedFlight?

A: The costs associated with MedFlight include a lift-off fee and loaded transport mileage charge. These costs are usually covered by insurance, as long as transportation is authorized, when required, and is medically necessary. The calling agency/provider is never subjected to the transport costs.

Q: How does weather affect flight operations?

A: The ultimate responsibility for deciding whether or not to fly rests with the pilot. Program policies exceed industry standards and are based on the helicopter’s capabilities and forecasted weather conditions. The pilot has access to live weather reports at all times.

Q: Who may fly with the patient on MedFlight?

A: Space and weight limitations allow for only the patient to be transported. Family members are provided with information on how to reach the destination hospital.

Q: What happens to equipment taken from the scene?

A: Agencies should label their equipment ahead of time. When a patient is taken to Memorial Hospital, equipment will be stored in an EMS equipment room. If you are a provider servicing an area of significant distance from Memorial, the team will clean and return your properly labeled equipment, via appropriate shipping service. If the patient is taken to another facility, the referring agency should make arrangements with that facility to retrieve their equipment.