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About Our Practice

Community Hospital of Bremen is a 24-bed critical access hospital serving Bremen and the surrounding communities. The hospital, which employs about 170 associates, contains a full emergency department, diagnostic imaging and lab, surgery, medical/surgical unit, obstetrics, sleep lab, physical therapy and occupational health.

Visiting Hours

24-hours a day, 7-days a week. One person is welcome to spend the night in the patient’s room, unless the patient’s condition warrants additional family time. The patient’s condition may require isolation and in those cases visitation may be limited. We encourage the family members of pediatric patients to stay with the infant/child at all times if possible. Each room is provided with a couch that transforms into a bed for your comfort.

Patient Registration

We strive to make patient registration as simple and convenient as possible, while making sure the information collected is accurate in order to avoid any billing issues later in the process. We have registrars in multiple areas of the hospital to assist you. It is important that you be prepared with all of your demographic information and your insurance card(s) when you come to register. It is our policy to verify all of your information at each visit and to copy or scan your insurance card(s) each time you are registered. The filing of your insurance claims is based on the information provided at the time of registration. Corrections or updates to information after the time of service are the patient’s responsibility.

Inpatient Information

The Medical /Surgical unit consists of 19 private patient rooms, each with its own private bathroom. Each room has its own thermostat that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Our average nurse to patient ratio is one nurse to four patients.