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Worksite Clinics

Employees are a business’ greatest assets so it’s important to keep them well, and health care costs manageable, by partnering with Beacon Health System. We operate full-service, high-quality primary care health clinics designed exclusively for employees and their families.

Available to employers of all sizes and industries, these worksite clinics offer a wide range of medical services while controlling and lowering health care costs.

Beacon Health System Worksite Clinics remove existing barriers and makes receiving care simple and easy for patients when they need it. This means that minor ailments do not escalate into major health events.

All services at our Beacon Health System Worksite Clinics are provided at no cost to the patient. Exams, procedures, consults, case management, chronic disease management and wellness coaching, among others, are all performed by our medical team without any financial responsibility to the employee/patient. No co-pays, no deductible contribution, no filing claims, no reimbursement.

PARAGON – Serving Employees of St. Joseph County

  • Offers employees and families access to high quality, personalized and easily accessible medical care
  • Gives employees a highly valued benefit that clearly shows them that employers care for their well-being
  • Increases morale in the workplace
  • Lowers absenteeism and reduces turnover

Learn more about PARAGON Clinics by calling 574.647.4244.