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Dr. Fulkerson had a lightbulb moment in his third year of medical school when he realized that he wanted to be a neurosurgeon. He finds neurosurgery to be interesting and rewarding, and the specialty where he’s most comfortable.

The most gratifying part of Dr. Fulkerson’s work is seeing the joy in patients’ eyes as they heal and bounce back. He hopes that his pediatric patients and their families will find his care individualized, accessible and friendly.

“For patients and their families, it can be a scary process,” Dr. Fulkerson said. “Part of my mission is to put families and kids at ease.”

Teamwork is an important aspect of Dr. Fulkerson’s practice. It takes many different people to treat a complex patient, and he knows that lives are saved every day by collaboration.

“My motto is to always remember that patients aren’t here for our convenience, we’re here for theirs,” he said.

Dr. Fulkerson hails from Warsaw and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame.

In his free time, you can find Dr. Fulkerson golfing, playing chess, or writing.

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