Helping others during winter storm

Melisa, Christine, Betty and Kerri.

Do you know a colleague who went above and beyond today for patients and visitors during our winter storm? Please share their stories with us so we can recognize our amazing associates. Email gro.metsyshtlaehnocaeb@ttocserph or text 574.807.2884.

This morning, we received an email and photo from Dr. Linda Mansfield and Cindy Hayes, BMG Executive Director, about Kerri Hessey, Manager of Sports Medicine, who shoveled walks with her team to ensure our patients would be safe entering the building. At our request, they took a photo for us. From left to right are Melisa Hellman, Christine Hosinski, Betty Pitcher and Kerri Hessey.

Mid-afternoon, we received word — and a photo — about Christie Steif, who also grabbed a shovel and cleared a path for Beacon Physical Therapy patients. Christie got a shout-out from both Brock Haut, Director of Rehabilitation Services, and Kerri Hessey. Thanks for your extra efforts on this wintery day.