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Immigration Medical Exam: What to Expect

The Medical Exam portion of the immigration process can take two to three visits. Here is what to expect and what you need to bring.

First Visit

We accept walk-ins for the first visit but will schedule an appointment if preferred. Full payment for the Medical Exam is due upfront at first visit (we do not submit to insurance). Cash or credit card is accepted (no checks).

You need to bring:

  • Valid, government issued ID or Passport*
  • Any and all vaccine records
  • Payment for Immigration Medical Exam (includes both visits) – $500

*Alternative proof of identity may be accepted for children under 14 years of age that shows name, date and place of birth, parents’ full names and other identifying information.

First Visit includes:

  • Quantiferon (blood draw) – patients 2 years & older
  • Varicella Titer (blood draw)
  • Syphilis (blood draw) – patients 15 years & older
  • Gonorrhea (urine test) – patients 15 years & older

Available Vaccinations:

  • Tdap
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza (Oct-March)

After First Visit – At check out you will be given a list of all vaccine records that you still need to provide to schedule the Medical Exam. You can get these done at the Health Department or your family physician. If a chest x- ray is determined necessary based on your Quantiferon results, we can complete the x-ray at our office for an additional $60. Once we have received all records and test results, we will call you to schedule the Medical Exam with our Civil Surgeon.
**To ensure the exam can be completed, the final visit must be within 3 months of the first visit.

Final Visit – Appointment Required
**If an interpreter is needed, you must bring one with you to exam**
You must bring your valid, government issued ID or Passport again. Our civil surgeon will perform your immigration medical exam at one of our 6 locations. The I-693 form will be completed and sealed for you to submit to USCIS.
**Note Per USCIS Guidance, “To ensure your medical examination results are still valid when we adjudicate your associated benefit application, you should schedule the medical examination as close as possible to the time you file for adjustment of status, respond to a Request for Evidence, or attend an interview (if applicable). NOTE: The Form I-693 must be dated no earlier than 60 days before you filed your underlying application.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there other costs above the $500? If a chest x-ray is determined necessary based on your Quantiferon results, the additional charge is $60. If you elect to receive any vaccinations at one of our facilities, there will be additional cost for those vaccines.

What vaccination records do I need before scheduling the Medical Exam? Tdap or DTaP, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Rotavirus (under 8 mths), Hepatitis A (under 2 yrs), Influenza (Oct- March), OPV/IPV (under 6 yrs), MMR, HIB (under 5 yrs), Meningococcal (11-18 yrs), Pneumococcal (under 15 mths and over 65 yrs).

If I don’t have records of my vaccines, what do I do? You will have to get the vaccines again. These can be completed at the Health Department.

How long does the process typically take? Total process typically takes 1-2 weeks. This can vary depending on how quickly we receive your Vaccine records.

What is included in the Medical Exam? Our Civil Surgeon will review all vaccination records and complete a basic physical exam with a larger focus on medical history.

What happens if the final visit is not scheduled within 3 months of my first visit? Depending on the circumstances, you may still be able to have the exam completed but you should contact the clinic for further instructions. Based on the situation, they will tell you whether the exam can still be completed or whether you will have to start the process all over again, including paying the $500.

I completed my physical in February. When I went to my appointment with immigration in June, I was told that my physical was expired since it was signed more than 60 days ago. Can I get new paperwork with a current date? No. You will have to do the whole process all over, including paying the $500.

When I went to my appointment with immigration, I was told that there was an issue with my paperwork (not expired paperwork). Can you help me? Yes. Please contact our office and ask for a Practice Manager to assist.

If I show up late for my final visit, will I still be seen? It is best if you show up early. If you are late, we will try to get you in, but it will depend on Dr. Onunkwo’s schedule. If you arrive more than 15-20 minutes late, you may have to reschedule.

Health Departments

  • St. Joe County: 227 W. Jefferson Blvd #825, South Bend IN 46601 (Ph: 574-235-9750)
  • Elkhart County: 608 Oakland Ave, Elkhart IN 46516 (Ph: 574-523-2283)

If you have questions regarding the immigration requirements, go to for general information