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Why choose Beacon Bone & Joint Specialists?

When your daily life and routines have changed because of bone, joint, muscle or tendon pain, it’s time to see the experts. Beacon Bone & Joint Specialists help you get back to doing what you love - whether that’s playing on the field, running on the weekend or heading out to the garden.

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Beacon Bone & Joint Specialties

Total Joint Replacement Icon

Total Joint Replacement 

Cutting-edge services to remove damaged tissue and replace joints including hip, knee, and shoulder. Our total joint specialists right here in South Bend/Elkhart are ready to get you moving again.

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Shoulder Icon


When you’re experiencing shoulder pain - either chronic or from a sudden injury - our Michiana orthopedic shoulder specialists provide accurate diagnosis and a full range of treatment options.

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Knee Icon


Accurate diagnosis and leading-edge treatment options for knee problems in patients of all ages. Our Michiana certified knee specialists are here to help.

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Hip Icon


Whether you need a doctor to find the cause of your hip pain or a specialist to perform joint replacement surgery, our orthopedic and sports medicine team can help you return to mobility.

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Back and Spine Icon

Back & Spine 

Your spine controls so much of your orthopedic health - when something is wrong in your back, it can affect so much of your life. Rest assured that we have you covered.

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Hand Wrist Elbow Icon

Hand, Wrist & Elbow 

From chronic pain to repetitive injuries and strains, our South Bend orthopedic specialists can get to the root of the problem so you can get back to your normal life.

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Head Neck Icon

Head & Neck 

From relatively simple pinched nerve care to more complex concussion assessments & diagnosis. Our experts are here and able to help relieve pain and restore health.

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Tumor Bone Oncology Icon

Tumor & Bone Oncology 

Specialists ready to provide care to all ages - from children to adults - who have been diagnosed with tumors or tumor-like conditions of the bone and soft tissue.

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Foot Ankle Icon

Foot & Ankle 

When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. From strains & sprains to fractures & tendon injuries, our doctors are ready to relieve your pain & get you on the road to recovery.

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Your Orthopedic Care Team

Is Sports Medicine Right for You?

Athletes and others who participate in physical activity are more than just bones and muscles. The orthopedic and sports medicine physicians at Beacon are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive approach to sports medicine for the injured and healthy athlete. Specializing in sports medicine, our physicians work closely with physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, nutritionists and sports psychologists to help athletes of all ages and abilities achieve their peak performance.

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