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Orthopedic Trauma Surgery

Our highly skilled surgeons treat severely injured bones and joints. This includes multiple breaks and traumatic injuries from accidents such as a vehicle collision or fall. Injuries also happen when bones and joints break down. Cancer, arthritis or other conditions, such as hip dysplasia (abnormal hip structure), can also damage bones and joints.

Beacon’s orthopedic surgeons treat complex injuries that can result from extreme physical harm to bones and joints. This may require fixing fractures, rebuilding a broken pelvis and hip, correcting severe spinal deformities or healing bone infections.


Our trauma surgeons are trained to act quickly and efficiently in medical emergencies. Our doctors use advanced imaging procedures to evaluate injuries and develop a treatment plan. They examine and treat damage, using surgery when needed. They may secure bones with surgical cement, screws, rods or other medical devices. They may also use a cast to protect bones while they heal.

Beacon’s orthopedic surgeons can restore alignment, reconstruct damaged bone or replace injured joints. We specialize in performing surgery to treat acute (severe) trauma, fractures, pelvis and hip reconstruction, as well as spine and bone deformity corrections. We’re also skilled in treating bone infections.

Healing injured bones and joints takes time and attention, customized therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.